Month 14 – Kuala Lumpur – Monarchy MMA

Another picture post of my final month before returning back to ‘the real world’ :-)

I had a small checklist of what I was looking for in my last month as a place to chill out and take stock:

  • cheap living costs
  • good weather
  • good training

It looked like a return to Kuala Lumpur and Monarchy MMA was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Professor Bruninho Barbosa and all the guys at Monarchy MMA for letting me train for a month.

DSC00557 DSC00469 DSC00471 DSC00474 DSC00502

DSC00433 DSC00758 DSC00769 DSC00788

DSC00740 DSC00795 DSC00799

DSC00438 DSC00808 DSC00811 DSC00813

DSC00434 DSC00815 DSC00818 DSC00825 DSC00834 DSC00837 DSC00841 DSC00853 DSC00865 DSC00691 DSC00746 DSC00753

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