Gym 35 – India BJJ, New Delhi

Small picture post of my drop in at BJJ India during my last few days in New Delhi.

At the end of our motorbike trip, travelling through the tiny towns of central India from Goa, there hasn’t been much opportunity to train, so by the time I reached my final stop I was really itching to get back on the mats again 🙂




I contacted Arun Sharma, founder of India BJJ, who was amazingly helpful and responded immediately inviting me down to the nearest gym.


The experience was great! The gym facility was top-notch and Binish Sukhija, who took the class for the day, was a great instructor…really informative, technical, and with such a friendly and helpful approach. As well as the good training, it was a really nice opportunity to chat with some of the locals in class and hear their stories on how they got into BJJ, as well as some helpful info on Delhi in general.  Great group of guys, 100% would recommend if in the area.




Binish, some alternative training

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