Week 48 – Goa – White Belt Biking


The metal, circular cup holder on the plane is the most satisfying sound ever if you balance it at a right-angle to the frame and then flick it with your finger!

It’s a few days into the new year and I’m on a flight from London to Goa, and this time I’m not alone. Sitting next to me, and assisting in this cup-holder-sound-creation of the god’s, is Mass, best friend from junior school who is on his own travelling route (Sydney->London->India->New Zealand->Canada).


Out again!

The India trip is Mass’ brain child who had this on his bucket list for a while. The plan: Buy a motorbike in one part of the country….drive it through for a month, and sell it at the other end.

Simple right? Well considering the most powerful thing on 2 wheels I’ve driving up until now is a 90cc scooter, combined with the fact that India isn’t exactly known for its road safety standards, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit jittery at the thought of the upcoming 30 days :-)


The flight touches down, and, after luckily getting to the front end of the e-visa line I only have to wait 80 minutes to get my passport stamp – A few planes had touched down shortly after us and I could see the looks of despair from people at the back of the 4 hour-long line at 4am :-S

Our taxi takes us down to Vagator beach and we find a really quiet and clean little guesthouse 2 minutes away from the sand. Sleep off a bit of the 4am start and go for a wander around the town and beach. It’s nice to be back in the warmth after 3 weeks of UK winter, and Goa is beautiful. Very chilled, lots of nice little bars, restaurants, and beaches dotted around….lots of bikes (which is promising)…and cows…..LOTS of cows!

Cows on the side of the street, cows in the road, cows on the beach……I’m clicking my camera at each one with a suspicion that the novelty is probably going to fast wear off once we actually start driving and having to avoid these things :-)


Road Cow

Road Cow

After a few days of chilling out and getting our bearings we start the bike hunt! Well, before the bikes, we did flirt with the idea of trying to pick up a tuk-tuk instead and taking that on the trip to Delhi – In hindsight, I can’t express how lucky we were that we couldn’t get one easily….taking one of those on some of the roads we went on would have been a nightmare and probably would have doubled our time.


Vagator Beach


Church of the Immaculate Conception

By the end of the week we had a bunch of bike leads and were ready for our first set of viewings. Stay tuned :-)

Also, Mass has been doing an amazing job putting a load of video footage together in short episodes on the trip which I’m going to link below week by week.


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