Gym 33 – K-One MMA, Penang

Quick picture post for gym 33…….

During the days before the busking began and I was spending the majority of time either practicing or mooching around the island, I just stumble on the K-One MMA building in the middle of town :-)


I stop inside. A big impressive reception area, but the only person about is the young woman behind the reception counter who tells me to drop by later.

I walk out, pleased with my spontaneous little find, and spot that behind the MMA facade of the building there used to be some sort of Hindu shrine or temple :-)



Back for class later and the top floor is filling up a bit. I Muy Thai kickboxing class is wrapping up and there are people warming up on the nearby mats and in the MMA cage.

The facility is top-notch, geared out with all the usual MMA kit. I got the impression that some local tournaments may have been held here as there was even a viewing platform down into the gym and caged octagon.

DSC07859 DSC07863 DSC07862

DSC07867 DSC07865
I introduce myself to professor Salomao Lima who is the head BJJ coach here in Penang, and then the class begins. The class size is pretty small and split between people with gis and people without. After the warm ups, Professor Lima splits the class by these 2 groups and provides a lesson for each based on the same side control position theme.
DSC07857 DSC07864We finish up with a couple of rolls. Really good class and friendly group of guys. Thanks Prof. Lima and the team at K-One Penang for having me down. Will definitely drop by again if I’m ever back in that little paradise town :-)


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