Week 37 – Leshan & Xi’an – Parrots and Pollution

Short and sweet, picture post for week 37

Before leaving the Sichuan province, me and Lee have one final stop 75 miles South of Chengdu to the small city of Leshan, which literally translates to ‘Happy Mountain’ :-)

The only item on my and Lee’s agenda is to grab a peak at the largest stone Buddha statue in the world…The Leshan Giant Buddha.


Leshan Giant Buddha


Standing 71 meters tall, carved into the hillside and overlooking the Dadu river, the Buddha is an impressive sight…..and just about worth the hour wait shuffling through the heaving queue to get to its base. Both myself and Lee had now firmly confirmed that we were out of our depth when to comes to queuing up in China! :-)

Apart from it just being generally massive and impressive, there was another reason this spot was on our agenda….the Buddha is deprecating due to all the pollution in the air, weathering, and massive amounts of tourism.


Leshan City


Walk of tourism hell….

DSC06174Apart from the Buddha, another attraction (well, at least for me), was the translations on the information signs…always remember…it is civilized to get close to urinate.


It’s true…fresh air can make you naturally health!

Next stop, and to the capital of the Shaanxi province, Xi’an

The smog is in full force once we arrive. It’s difficult to see clearly 50m in front of you….everything has a slight grey tinge.

We spend a few days wandering the area. The muslim quarter, the parks and, most importantly, all the food stalls!


The Muslim Quarter, Xi’an


So sleepy….so….so sleepy….


Kites in the Smog



Outdoor group singing


And finally, to round out the week, a trip to see one of China’s most famous attractions – The Terracotta Army.

DSC06314 DSC06271 DSC06290


Terracotta Planking!


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