Gym 29 – Hong Kong Jiu Jitsu

It’s my last night in Hong Kong and my second gym for the day! 

I’m heading over to Hong Kong Jiu Jitsu after emailing with Makoto Aramaki, 2nd degree black belt and founder of HKJJ.

Hello Craig.

Thank you for your contact.
I am sorry for late reply. I have come back to HK this morning from Asian Open in Tokyo.Of course, we welcome you to Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu.
And you can take any class which you are able to adjust time.
Time schedule is on my website.
Please choose from them.
And If you have a time, please visit here.
And you can take a photo during a class.
I am looking forward to meeting and training with you.
Thank you.
Best regards.
It’s coming to winter over here and the nights are drawing in. After a ride on the subway I’m navigating down the empty and dimly lit side streets around the northern part of Hong Kong.


The atmosphere here is a very different experience to my earlier gym drop-in to Epic MMA in Central Hong Kong. This isn’t a business district in a central city with shiny buildings, clean plazas, and the mingling crowds. This is real, gritty Hong Kong by night!  I love it :-)

Down another side street, and a small blue sign catches my eye. I’m here!DSC03964 DSC03962

Up the stairs to the second floor, and the familiar sound of echos in matspace and the odd breakfall sounds of someone landing on the floor. I arrive to a small reception area, with the rest of the room dedicated for BJJ – mats lining the walls and floors with the steamed up windows opened to let some of the cooler night air into the room. A proper local BJJ club :-)



Before getting changed, I am introduced to Makoto and we have a quick chat about the gym, travelling, and the recent BJJ tournaments happening in Asia. Makoto moved over to Hong Kong in 2008 and set up HKJJ a year later.DSC03976 DSC03982 After a set of warm ups we go through the drills for the day. Arm bar setups from side control with a set of variations. I’m lucky enough to be paired up with Brad Ku as my training partner; A BJJ Brown Belt and instructor at HKJJ – I was in good hands :-)

DSC03973 DSC03972

After a set of guard drills (person out picks the position) we finished up with some rounds of rolling. I felt really good for my second session of the day considering it had been well over a week since my last session. Towards the end of the class I even got the nod from Makoto for a round….fun and humbling! :-)

DSC03971 DSC03970 DSC03969


Roll with Makoto


Just chilling mid-roll

DSC03968 DSC03984

Great way to spend my last night in Hong Kong before the trip to China. Cheers for having me down guys :-)


Thanks Guys! :-)

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