Gym 28 – Epic MMA, Hong Kong

What better way to spend the time waiting for a Chinese visa, then by dropping in for a BJJ class or 2?  

It’s my last day in Hong Kong, and I’ve got a couple of drop in sessions lined up for the day. My first stop is at Epic MMA, a high-end, Hong Kong based gym chain. With over 5 locations in Hong Kong, specialising in a number of martial arts disciplines such as BJJ, MMA, Krav Maga, Boxing, and Muy Thai as well as a number of fitness, crossfit, and yoga programs.



BJJ History

I have come down for the lunch time class. And after signing in at reception, and getting handed the club branded gi, I get changed and have a quick browse of the gym before class starts. As expected, the gym is fully kitted out – High end strength and conditioning machines, MMA cage, and a bunch of spacious matted areas.




The class today is about 10-strong, which is pretty good going for a lunchtime class. It’s even better going considering the Asian BJJ championships was hosted the week before and the majority of the members were resting up.


The class today is being taught by 3rd degree black belt, very recent Asian Masters black belt heavyweight champion, and UFC welterweight fighter Alberto Mina.


Me and Alberto Mina


Watch your back :-)

After a warm up (including a partner based hand-stand drill which was pretty cool and that I’d never seen before), we partner up for some technique drills. Todays lesson was a set of combinations from knee-on-belly position….arm crushes and triangle combination finishes – very cool.

Triangle Choke

The lesson finishes up with a bit of rolling before it’s a shower and back-to work for everyone…..well….apart from me :-)

Cheers guys, was a really fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon :-)


Sometimes to fast…sometimes, not nearly quick enough! The beep of the round clock :-)


Bit of Rolling


Thanks Guys!

As the class winds down, I spend a bit of time chatting to Alberto around his upcoming November 21st fight against Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama. I felt really privileged having that chat and getting an insight into the training and preparation of a fighter going into a high-profile fight like that.

If anyone has a free night, I think that fight is going to be an absolute belter to watch :-) Two high-end grapplers with bombs in their hands. No idea what will happen, but you’ve got one extra fan in your corner come November, Alberto, Thanks for the class and good luck! :-)


Good luck Ablerto!

If anyone’s in the central Hong Kong area and would like to drop by, the gym can be found at:

Epic MMA & Fitness 
1/F, China Building, No.29 Queen’s Road
Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852-2525-2833


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