Gym 26 – Evolve MMA, Singapore

I’m only planning to be in Singapore for a few days, but I’m keen to get a gym visit in. Up until now, Laos is the only country I’ve been unable to find a place to train in and I’m very keen to keep that stat to a minimum :-)

I send an email over to Evolve MMA, ranked by many sources as the #1 martial arts organisation in Asia!

Hi Craig!
Thanks for writing in to us and awesome blog you have there!
You may attend the BJJ Blue class. If you have at least 3 white stripes and above, you may also join in the BJJ Purple class. You may check out our website for the class schedule, you are welcome to train at any of our branches. Just take a look at your traveling dates and match it to the day.
You can take pictures with the instructors and students after and before class.
Hope this clarifies, thanks!

Warmest Regards, Yeo Yi Xiang

I make my way down to one of the central gyms close by to Little India (area I was staying). Like a lot of places I’ve been in the past week… is located inside a shopping mall :-)



Upon arrival at the reception, you already get the impression that this is a very high-end gym. Multiple padded rooms, classes, and gym equipment. The changing rooms resemble something out of a high-end spa hotel, and the walls are covered in framed plaques of the instructors who teach at Evolve.


Evolve are known for having an insane amount of world championship level instructors at the gym….it’s a wall of killers! :-)


The class is taken by 3rd degree black belt, Eduado Novaes. After a series of warm ups, he takes us through a number of techniques and drill exercises. A body fold takedown to mount, wrestling pummeling, and a side control position drill.


Eduardo teaching the purple class


Eduardo Novaes

Really nice little drop in session. Thanks guys for having me down :-)
DSC03454 DSC03464 DSC03470

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