Gym 22 – BJJ Hanoi

I’m once again taking my life into my own hands on the back of a motorbike in Hanoi city centre. I’m heading over to BJJ Hanoi for a drop-in class.

I arrive at the address, and I’m greeted by what looks like a scene from ‘Enter the Dragon’, a courtyard full of Karate students, all doing kata in unison :-)

BJJ Hanoi


BJJ Hanoi

Don’t move kid!…’re surrounded by ninjas!

BJJ Hanoi

Courtyard of Karate

After navigating around all the karate ninjas, I make it up to the second floor of the building where I meet Chung, a blue belt at BJJ Hanoi. We have a talk about training, travelling, Manchester, and then Chung introduces me to some of the other guys at the gym.

I’m not the only drop in member today. Darryl, a blue belt from Australia and Val, a blue belt from France are also visiting the gym for the first time.



Darryl in mount



BJJ Hanoi is fully welcoming of visitor drop-ins and has a really nice tradition going at the gym: Whenever a visitor, who is blue belt or above, comes down they get to demonstrate their favorite technique to the class as the day’s lesson.




Darryl starts the class, demonstrating a couple of submission combinations from mount. A spinning armbar and cross choke. After the drills, Val takes over with some troubleshooting options from the armbar position when the opponent is resisting, including a really cool kimura set up which I’d never seen before.

We finish up the class with some rolls. The whole experience was really fun. Really great bunch of friendly and tough guys. Thanks for having me down :-)

BJJ Hanoi

Thanks Guys!

(Roll vids below)






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