Week 20, Day 6 – Tak. The Ping and Pyrops Candelaria

Day 6, and with my week-long adventure, townhopping through central Thailand, almost over I stop into Tak.

I knew nothing about Tak on arrival, it was just en-route, further North, the eventual destination of Chiang Mai.

I arrive in the early evening, book a room, and get out for a walk around town along the river Ping just after sunset – I get that nice, glowy-blue light for 30 minutes before night closes in.

Tak Tak

Tak Tak

The riverside was completely quiet. Apart from a couple of older guys playing Makruk (The Thai/Cambodian version of chess) there was no-one else around.

After the last bit of sunlight died down, I wandered across into town and stumbled upon the night market for a bit of food. There were the usual tables of fried bugs and insects, but that wasn’t going to be for me tonight :-)


This sign reads – “Don’t Throw your garbage here”…..someone didn’t pay attention after they finished their beer :-)

Tak Tak Tak

There was one thing which stood out about walking around this market compared to every other market I’ve been too yet – It was infested!

Everywhere you turned, there were flying moths and bugs swirling around the light sources! Hundreds and Thousands of them all throughout the streets of Tak! They are called Lantern Bugs (Pyrops Candeleria) and  if you just checked your phone to see the time, the light reflection was enough for a bunch of them to start flying into your face!

And I thought I’d made the decision not to eat any bugs tonight! :-(

Take a look at the video below.


I awake the next morning, and it was like there were never any bugs the night before. The same streets, but not a sign of them. Where’d they go?


Morning sugar fuel!


Same market, no bugs!

While grabbing a coffee, I’m checking my phone to see what there is to do or see in Tak before I grab a bus to my next town.

The only recommendation that I can find: visit the Tak swamp!  Sounds interesting, so off I go.

I arrive after a 15-20 minute walk. A greeny lake emerges with a bridge to a tiny island in the middle of the water. There is absolutely no-one else around.

Tak Tak Tak

‘How cool’, ‘how deserted!’, I’m thinking as I’m wandering around the area. And then the thought gradually dawns on me after 10 minutes……“Craig…..you’re literally walking around a dump site!…….There’s no-one here….because no-one wants to be here…that’s why it’s deserted!”

Was it not number 2 of things to do in Tak on Tripadvisor?…….I check again…..#2 of 2.

Oh……maybe time to move on…..perhaps you’ve been townhopping a bit too long? :-) Opportunity to get some random photos at least….makes a difference from all of the temples!

Next stop and final day of the week – Lampang!

Tak Tak Tak  TakTak

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