Week 20, Day 4 – Sukothai. Bikes and Beer Swapping

Day 4, and I’ve arrived at another former capital city – Sukothai!

Sukothai, meaning ‘dawn of happiness’, has areas known as ‘Old’ and ‘New’ City: The ‘old’, being a quiet and ancient place containing the temples and ruins of the former capital. The ‘new’, about 10km East, is where the markets and accommodation is.

I arrive quite late, and head out to grab some food. I’m getting addicted to Masaman curry – a Thai specialty curry of pork/chicken/beef and potatoes, so I order one of those with a Singha beer and try to catch up on some emails that I owe people after being off-the-grid for about a week.

Part Bar, part barbers, part fruit stall

Part Bar, part barbers, part fruit stall

About 15 minutes in, 3 girls approach the table. “Excuse me, would you mind taking a photo?”

“Yeah, no problem”, I tell them and hold out my hand for their camera in order to take the photo.

They don’t hand over a camera. Instead 2 of the girls come around to my side of the table and produce large laminated banners, while the other one gets a camera to take a photo of the three of us.

I look up, a bit confused, at one of the banners the girl to my left is holding, while she is looking at the camera – smile fixed! ‘Chang Beer’ it reads.

“Do you guys work for Chang?”,  I ask

“Yes”, says the girl, still looking at the camera, in what seems like a ventriloquist act as her smile doesn’t budge an inch…“We work in promotional.”

Part of my brain is wondering why they would want a photo with me included….I’m looking knackered and dishevelled from the less-than-smooth bus journey. But I decide to point out the other thing wrong with the shot instead.

“Will this be a problem?”, I say and point to the bottle of Singha which is right in front of both us and the camera lens.

“Oh…..yes…….” and her smile falls for 5 seconds as she glides the bottle to the far end of the table, leaving just the glass of beer in frame. Smile is back! snap! 

Oh the deception! Oh well……least I got a free bottle of Chang out of it afterwards :-)

Bottle of Lies

Bottle of Lies

The next day, I venture to the old town, hire a bike, and explore the temples and monuments.





Sukothai Sukothai SukothaiSukothai Sukothai SukothaiSukothai

Although a weird thing to admit….one of the most exciting things about the day….was just being on a bike again! I don’t even remember the last time I was on one!


Wheels for the day!


Green Cross Code Dog

Sukotha SukothaSukothai


Returned the bike and got the bus back into town. I was the only one on the bus, which I think added to the driver’s already grumpy disposition.

As we were driving back, I noticed a little something. I’ve seen it in the UK where a taxi driver has a postcard or a picture just above the sun-blind. Normally a little something to look forward to or a little pick-me-up….a potential future holiday? An inspirational quote?

My driver had a sign for a bargain bucket at KFC! Every person’s dream is their own! :-)


Next stop, Kamphaeng Phet!

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