Week 20, Day 2 – Lopburi. Monkey City!

Day 2 – Lopburi, affectionately known as Monkey City!

I arrive in the evening, just in time for a sunset, followed by grabbing some food at the local night market.

Apart from a weird guy, taking his dog for a walk down the street….by the hand(!), the town seems really quiet and normal…..and no Monkeys around that I can see!



In the morning, I head out early to the main thing I want to see in the town – The Phra Prang Sam Yot Temple. It didn’t take me long in the daylight to realize how the town got its nickname.



Down a side alley

The temple itself is quite impressive as it stands. Originally a Hindu temple (the 3 towers representing the Hindu trinity), later converted to a Buddhist shrine.



And then you look a bit deeper into the grey/brown stone and see that there are monkeys packed along the walls, taking a rest from the midday sun.




You get told on the way into the grounds to keep your possessions close to you. The monkeys are not afraid of humans and have been known to steal (and sometimes attack) in the past if they think you have food.

The local authorities have even set up a designated feeding time for all the monkeys, to keep their bellies full and their hands less grabby :-)

DSC08435 DSC08436  I took a quick look inside the temple. There is a gated door and you are told to keep it locked behind you as they do not want the monkeys inside the temple. You can walk through the stone corridors and see monkeys peering through the barred windows in to look at you. It was like being in a reverse zoo! Crowds of monkeys peering through the bars at me.



The locals may have successfully kept the monkeys out, but the inside temple wasn’t completely without widlife!


I’ll finish up with a few little videos I took of general monkey business, walking around the town.

Next stop – Phitsanulok

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