Gym 20 – Team Quest, Chiang Mai

Gym number 20, and I’ve hopped on my rented scooter, navigated through the Chiang Mai traffic and arrived at Team Quest, Thailand!

Team Quest

I park up and wander over to the beautiful outdoor facility, where a heavily-attended Muy Thai class was finishing up in the outdoor 80%+ humidity. I take a seat, watch the final brutal round of ‘cool down’ exercises that wrap up the class, and then take a look around the facility.


Team Quest

Cats just love Muy Thai

Team Quest

No outdoor training ground is complete without mandatory training tyres!

Team Quest

Apart from the outdoor training facility (with mandatory tyres), and boxing ring there are a couple of general-purpose matted rooms and a reception room, where I meet and have a chat with Ian, who had kindly responded to my email.

Team QuestToday’s class is being taken by Bruno Carvalho, 3rd degree black belt and MMA fighter. The class is about 10-strong and after a set of warms we go through some back taking drills, defence options, and a set of submissions from North-South position.

Team Quest

Bruno Carvalho

We finish up with a few rounds of rolling, I was lucky (if that’s the right word? :-) ) to get a roll in with Bruno too, (who, as predicted, was awesome without trying).

Cheers guys. Really fun drop-in and a great way to blow off the cobwebs after over a week moving around.


Team Quest  Team Quest

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