Week 12 – Last Stop Brisbane – Gangs and Hitlists

I’ve arrived in my final destination before departing Australia! My last stop up the East coast is the city of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and the 3rd most populated city in Australia.

After the past couple of weeks of the storms up the East coast have finally cleared up, and the contents of my backpack have all but dried…….seriously….I was afraid of my running shoes for a while after my back got soaked and they started to smell before I threw them in a washing machine!!

It’s glorious sunshine in the City and time for some wandering!

Brisbane Brisbane


I didn’t have to venture far to find a few free galleries and museum and spent a day in the Queensland museum and the brilliant gallery of modern arts (GOMA).




After the first day of wandering around (and some BJJ training) I was ready for some food and an early night. In the hostel kitchen, cooking one of the standard traveling meals (cheap and quick) – Jamie Oliver’s pea, bacon and mint pasta I hear over my shoulder…

“Cooking with mint!? Looks fancy!”

“Yep, I only bought the mint to give the impression I know what I’m doing!…..I’m just crossing my fingers and guessing the rest”

The guy laughs, and seems to realise that anyone cooking with mint at 8pm on a Saturday night doesn’t have any other plans for the rest of the evening.

“Hope it all goes well. I’m Billy”, we shake hands, “Once you’re done come over to the common room….we’re playing drinking games and I’ve bought too much wine to drink it by myself”

It was too friendly and good of an offer to pass up, even despite the fact that the last time I played drinking games was around 8 years ago! Billy and 2 friends from college, Hannah and Paige had been travelling around Australia for the past few months. They were a really great group of guys – really funny, friendly, and seemed to really make an effort to create a group/gang each time they found a place to stop.

By the time I got involved in the chaos of the ‘Ring of Fire’ drinking game, they had already picked up a couple of ‘recruits’ Ludwig, Ted, and Beth……… a fully fledged ‘gang’….with me as the token OAP :-)

Ring of Fire!

Ring of Fire!

GangThe next few days we did a few more ‘touristy’ things, including more drinking games, laser tag, drinking, more drinking, Nandos, a bit more drinking……..and a trip out to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (apparently the worlds first and largest Koala sanctuary).

I had seen a few Koalas and kangaroos during the road trip on the Great Ocean Road, but overall the exposure over the past 6 weeks had been a bit disappointing. And apart from an opportunity to get a bit more up close with a few animals, I had a secret hidden motive…….Before I left on my travels we had been given a ‘survival care package’ as a gift from my sister and boyfriend, which included the following draft novel (copywrite pending), ‘1000 Things to Maim and Kill’

1000 Things

Inside, I had a set of challenges of animals I could possibly kill while on my travels……. ….with a quick refresh of what I could possibly get my hands on whilst in the sanctuary…..we set off for the day.



Unfortunately, the animals all proved far to whiley for me to kill………however I at least got a bonus point for not contracting clamidia from the Koalas.

Work That Camera!

Next time……..next time!

In the end, it was a really nice, boozy, chilled out end to the 6 weeks in Australia with a great group of people :-)

Gang Brisbane

Next stop….Manila!

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