Gym 13 – Jiu Jitsu Kingdom, Sydney

It’s week 10 and I’m back in Sydney, just in time for what some of the papers are describing as ‘The Storm of the Century’.

The weather is doing a good job of keeping me (and pretty much everyone else in Sydney) indoors for most of the week, but a call for BJJ training is enough to get a little bit wet for :-)

Rain in Sydney

Rain in Sydney

I’m making my way over to JiuJitsu Kingdom. I’ve been a bit last-minute and only got in touch on the morning of the class and so decided to call (opposed to email) Felipe Grez, a Black belt under Michelle Nicolini. After leaving a message, Felipe kindly got back and invited me down for the class later in the evening.

As I’m walking (or rather, aqua-plaining) in my sandals across town, my only concern is just how waterproof my gym bag is and if I’m going to be able to train at all if my gear is drenched!

BJJ Kingdom

BJJ Kingdom

I arrive and meet Felipe, a really laid back and friendly guy who give me a quick tour of the gym.

As it turns out, I’m not the only drop in today! I’m introduced to Paul, a BJJ blue belt, also from the UK who has dropped in for a class while in Sydney for a couple of weeks. A fellow BJJ traveller! :-)

BJJ Kingdom

It’s a really nice space, with a matted area, a fully equipped gym, and various sized striking bags.

A few more regulars turn up in the next 5 minutes, but the class is going to be fairly small today…..the rain is doing a good job of keeping people at bay. The good news is that my bag has protected my new gi well enough to not need to borrow one again!

We go through a series of warm up drills and then Felipe breaks down the technique for the day – some concepts on attacking from the back. Felipe is a great teacher – very calm and patient and seemingly completely attuned to how each individual in the class was responding to his instruction and elaborated accordingly.

BJJ Kingdom


BJJ Kingdom BJJ Kingdom BJJ Kingdom

We finish the class with some drills and a few rounds of rolling. It was a great little class drop in. Thanks guys for having me down, and giving me a good day despite the weather :-)

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