Week 1 in Silverdale – The loveliest, booziest, softest landing – Beaches, Cards, Skytowers, Snorkling, Horses and Wine.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, softer landing! Week 1, and we’re stopping at family friend’s (Kathy and Luci) who have kindly put us up at their house for a week after our first (and longest) trip over to Auckland.

After picking us up from the airport, we arrived back in Silverdale (about 45 minutes outside the city). A shower, glass of wine, some home-cooked food and a bed……..it….….was…..the….best! :-)

Kathy and Luci were so welcoming and made us feel completely at home. Especially since Kathy had a lot on with work and Luci was right in the middle of studying for her final university exam.

We spent the first couple of days just walking off the jetlag……there was a nice little beach about 10 minutes walk away, around the estuary……it didn’t feel completely real considering the last time I was walking around it was minus 1 degrees in Manchester!


Once we felt back on our feet, we took a bus trip into the city centre for a couple of days. There is a really nice vibe in the city, but was not nearly as busy as I was expecting for a capital. We did a couple of touristy things while we were there, mainly a trip up the skytower and a day wandering around the art museum.

Before leaving, we wanted to find the ‘hipster’ part of town, ‘Ponsonby Road’ – First minute in, and I spot a 60-odd year old guy, in a red hat and shorts, with a tiny dog, waiting outside an acupuncture shop……very hipster…I feel right at home again.

Ponsonby Street......feel back in hipster heaven!

Ponsonby Street……feel back in hipster heaven!

Another thing which we stumbled upon which was pretty cool was what looked like a popup market underneath the car park. When we visited the next few days there wasn’t a trace…and now it was heaving…..no cars, just stalls, guitarists and $2 burgers

Car Park Market

Car Park Market

Car Park Market...Music and Food!

Car Park Market…Music and Food!

For the final day in the week, and after Luci had finished her exam (which, we found out later, she nailed! ) we took a day trip out with her, and her boyfriend Tom, to goat island and did some snorkelling, followed by a visit to Luci’s horse.



Brilliant first week in! Thanks guys for putting us up, and for putting up with us! ;-)

Goat Island

Me, Rach, Luci & Tom


Me & Kathy

Me & Kathy

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