The 60 Hour Trip!

“And so the Day Begins”

I’m exaggerating slightly on the length of the trip, as the first stop was a 90 minute flight to Amsterdam for 21 hours so we stopped over for a night, quick trip into the city for some food and ‘take off’ beers.

In the morning we stumbled into a cute little cafe called ‘Bagels and Beans‘ for some breakfast. We ordered 2 of the specials – Coffee, fresh orange, jam, butter, cream cheese, ham and a little pot of chocolate sprinkles (which I didn’t know what to do with but tried them with both the cheese and the jam and it was delicious both times).

The owner brought it over with a smile, “And so the day begins”.  Yes it does my man :-)

Manchester -> Amsterdam -> Bangkok -> Tapiei -> Sydney -> Auckland

The rest of the journey was also pretty smooth…just fairly long. In hindsight I should have immediately set my phone to NZ time…instead of trying to do maths at every airport we stopped at on route to check if I should be asleep or trying to sleep.

In the end, I probably got around 2 hours out of the 40 and may have been medically slightly insane.

Here are a few photos from the trip….

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