Goodbye Manchester – We’ll miss you!

Apart from the abysmal weather (I swear Manchester seems to have its own microclimate), I have loved living in Manchester city centre (in the very hipster Northern Quarter) for the past 4 years.

The town seems to be an almost perfect combination of being big enough so that there is always a lot of stuff on to keep you entertained for nearly every night in the week, but small enough that you can realistically walk it end to end in under an hour.

Friendly people, Live music (small gigs and open mics or the big ones at the Phones for You/MEN Arena), stand-up comedy, theatres, amazing buildings/architecture, loads of cool independent movie and play showings…..and most of all some great places to get some grub and a pint (as you can probably guess by these photos, the majority of our expendable income went on eating (and drinking) out in town).

So, thanks Manchester…for being a great place to live and giving me some brilliant times!

Just as a side note……..The Northern Quarter is known for being very cool, hipster and ironic. I’ve never felt particularly cool enough to live there long term (plus I could never grow a beard long or ironic enough)……however there was a single moment where I felt I’d reached the Apex of my hipster mountain a few weeks ago…..

We had moved out of our flat about 2 days previously and my sister had kindly let us use her spare room as a base until our flights. I had taken a walk into town to get a few things done, but mainly to 1) take a few pictures in town (I had bought a camera a month before and was/am still trying to get to grips with my white belt in photography and 2) Print out a poster of a poem/photo I had made for my sister for a thank you / birthday present (just a note on this…..I don’t normally write poems… was a bit of a joke we had about one of their cats).

I spotted a magpie in the street and tried to take some photos of it…..turns out it was camera shy and my self-photography class became more of a pigeon chase through town.

I eventually ended up back near my old flat, fairly exhausted, and snuck in for a coffee at Trof. And then it dawned on me…….I’d arrived……..I quickly got out my phone and sent Rach this text:

“I’m unemployed and technically homeless. I’m having lunch in Trof, about to modify a poem, having just chased a magpie around the NQ for a photo. I didn’t shave this morning either……….I’ve reached my hipster summit!”

………..”Amazing babe! Congrats! x #proud!”

 For the record……I tracked the Magpie down as well!

Chasing a Magpie

And here is the link for anyone who’s interested in the poem…and the slight interrogation I took at Jessops trying to get it printed.

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